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I started drawing and painting at an early age and had my first
exhibition with my father (poet, sculptor, painter) Will Fraser, at the age of thirteen where I sold my first work in Toggs gallery, Castlemaine,
Victoria. I was born in Lithgow Australia, at the foot of The Blue
Mountains where I met Jose De Koster, Sumatran born painter, a friend of the family. He later became one of my greatest teachers and mentors throughout my early life as a developing artist.


With the support of my family I studied art, completing VCE art and studio art, along with three years of life drawing study. I pursued my interests in portraiture, learning from various art schools different methods and techniques. I prefer to work in oil but many of my works also include mixed media, ink and acrylic.


I have worked in Cairns, Sydney and Tasmania as an arts worker, festival worker and set painter. My work is about the nature of being human and the character of  'nature' itself; the tribal, customary unseen forces and elements that shape our lives. The portrayal of nature within beauty, sensation, darkness, the grotesque and the unknown are all issues I often process within my work.

I continue to sell my work privately and publicly or by commission, and now live and work in Melbourne as a practicing visual artist. I completed my Bachelor or Arts (Fine Arts) at RMIT university, specialising in painting, in 2021 and was awarded the Wayne Conduit Memorial Prize for persistence in painting practice.

"RMIT School of Art has established The Wayne Conduit Memorial Prize. The prize is awarded annually in memory of our friend, artist and colleague, Wayne Conduit in celebration of his inspirational teaching and support to students over his long career at Philip Institute and then RMIT.

The prize is open to year 3 painting, drawing and video students enrolled in the RMIT University, School of Art BA (Fine Art) and awarded at the Graduate Exhibition each year.

The core of the prize has been raised by students and staff from painting, drawing and video studios."



Esther Fraser CV

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